What to expect from a DanceShed class 

At DanceShed our ethos is to create a Dance Family and a love of Dance! We make sure each class is fun friendly and enjoyable but with learning and technique involved too. 


We like to create dance friends for life, so at the start of the lesson we make sure everyone takes a moment to acknowledge the other pupils in the class and say hello to each other. 


We also stress the importance of peer praise, and after every time someone has demonstrated something by themselves, we make sure the whole class gives them a big clap! As it can be very scary to perform in front of a group by yourself. 


We introduce the technical side of dance through fun, with props and games as we still stress the importance of learning through fun! And feel that it says in the mind so much better if it is a fun memory instead of a stressful one! 


And finally, we love to show you the progress the children are making, and each half term invite you in to watch their classes and them receive their reward cards for the progressions they have made during that half term of classes. 


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