What to expect from your first Babyballet class!

We know walking into a room full of strangers can be daunting for both you and your little one! Not knowing what to expect or what to do! Thats we we have decided to break it down for you and let you know it's not scary at all in fact its very exciting!!

*Once you have booked on for your Babyballet class you will receive an initial welcome email! Have a good read of that as it lets you know all the info you may need to arrive at your first class, the venue, the time, your teacher and what to wear!

*Come along 5 mins early to meet your teacher and settle your self in, As you enter the room you will see lots of exciting things! Babyballet uniform and merchandise, your teacher greeting you with a smile (hopefully hehe) and some colourful mats for you and your little one to take a seat on!

*We start our class off the same way every week, that is so our dancers know the class is getting started and to reasure them that they know what they are doing, we will take the register and then start with our Babyballet warm up song!

* In our tots classes the majority of the class is spent on the mats, in our Tinies and Movers classes we start on the mats to gain focus and then move into the centre of the room.

* Everyone has been a first timer at some point! so all our parents and students are very friendly and welcoming, they will support you in answering any additional questions you have as well as the teachers!

We hope your super excited to start your Babyballet Experience! If you would still like to know more here is a sneak peak at what we get up too!

Marco Fanton