10 Reasons to Try our Adult Dance Classes!

Dance isn't just for children, its a great thing for adults to do to! Whether you have danced before or your giving it a go for the first time! We offer fun and friendly beginners Ballet and Tap classes, which we are sure once you come along you will be hooked! So don't be Shy come and give it a Try!

Our classes are on Tuesday evenings 6.30 for Ballet and 7.15 for Tap and here are our Top Ten reasons why we think you should join us!

  1. it is FUN! Its a great way to meet new people, get that body moving and generally have a good time!

  2. Its great for the mind! - Studies have shown that it helps with memory loss! So its great for all the muscles of the body!

  3. Doctors are prescribing it! -

     Mark Morris Dance Group's successful Dance for Parkinson's Disease program was profiled in the Journal of Neural Transmission in 2016, researchers found that patients who took 16 classes over eight weeks showed a 10.4 percent improvement in overall movement, a 26.7 percent improvement in walking and a 18.5 percent improvement in tremors. In 2010, researchers from the University of Missouri found that The Lebed Method, a low-impact dance class for seniors, improved balance and gait, thereby reducing the risk of injury due to falling. Plus, additional studies have shown that dance can reduce anxietyimprove cognitive functions and more.

  4. It increases your confidence!- it makes you proud of who you are and your body! Especially when you achieve that specific dance step that has been troubling you for a few weeks!

  5. It strengthens the body! improves posture, stamina, agility and flexibility, strengthening the body’s core muscles.

  6. Healthy on the inside and out!- As studies have shown it can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.

  7. Socialise- as we get older it isn’t as easy to make friends as it was on the school playground! Joining our adult dance classes, allows you to overcome this as you are meeting like minded people in the same situation as yourself!

  8. Stress Buster- Its a great way to take out the stresses of the day! Enter the room and Tap dance out your frustrations! Or come along to our Ballet classes and completely zone out from the outside world!

  9. It burns those calories! It really is a great form of exercise as your loosing weight whilst having a good time! Its all about getting that body moving in a way that works for you!

  10. Finally do it for YOU! We all lead busy lives and can get swept up in the general day to day and the rush of it all. But sometimes you do need to stop take a time out, and realise you do need to do something solely for yourself! Something that gives you happiness and enjoyment for no other reason than, I want to do this!!

So come and join us and release those good endorphins in our adult tap class or adult ballet class! It really will put a smile on your face!

Marco Fanton