Tips for fitting your Children's Ballet Shoes


Ballet shoes tend to be a different sizing to normal shoes, and even different sizes to each other! Leather ballet shoes children tend to need one size bigger, whereas with the Satin shoes it can be two sizes bigger, please bare this in mind when trying on the shoes.

  • We want the Ballet shoes a nice fit but not to snug! So pop their feet in first position to get a proper look that their toes are lying nice and flat and not scrunched up, and that the shoe isn’t bagging off their feet in the middle.

  • Don't forget about the string! This is a key bit of the shoe that is often forgotten because of the elastics, to get a true fit and for the shoe to be properly secure give the strings a good pull to tighten them and tie them tightly in a bow, and took the bow into the shoe to keep things neat. :)

  • Most Children’s Ballet shoes now come with elastics pre sewn so grow ups no longer need to worry about sewing these on.

  • The main thing is the child feels comfortable and supported in the shoe and it helps the dance movement not hindering it.

Marco Fanton