5 Facts about our Acro Classes!

We are really loving our new Acro classes and wanted to tell you a little more about them!

  1. They are so much FUN! - They are different to a normal dance class, i was worried at first as i had put our first Acro class, after a Ballet & Tap class, so i wasn’t sure the children would have enough energy left!! But because its such a different style and structure of class they have so much enthusiasm to learn the new things, we have a great time!


2.We start off with STRENGTH building, The children are at such a great age where everything can be fun! So we try to make everything a game! We start with strength building as it will help them as the progress on through the acro syllabus if they have a good strength basis right from the beginning.


3. We work on FLEXIBILITY - we do this in a gradual way, through use of build ups and the childs own ability, we don’t want to force or over stretch the dancer we want them to get their in their own time and own ability, with a sense of pride!


4. Acro is about TRYING NEW THINGS- The Acro class can be an unusual place to be, as it doesn’t follow the normal structure of a dance class, its more relaxed and adapts to the students in the class as to what we do, Its a safe place to just ‘Be’ and see what you are capable of! No one is perfect! (i wouldn’t have a job if we were!) and an Acro class is a great way to test a students limits and learn new things from week to week!


5. We have PROGRESS CARDS - we are working in our classes to achieve a set number of skills, these can be seen on our progress cards, at the end of each half term we invite the parents in to see our progress and to add some stickers to our progress cards! When the card is complete we move onto the next level!


Interested in our Acro classes? See when there are on @ https://danceshed.co.uk/timetable/

Marco Fanton